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Luigi Fighting Bowser By Himself by Luigifan1558 Luigi Fighting Bowser By Himself :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 1 6 Nature Kiss by Luigifan1558 Nature Kiss :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 2
Luigi At A Dance Party
Luigi At A Dance Party
(Special Reader parts are included. They all end with ... Or start with Y/N or have both)
Info: (Y/N) = Your Name
(Y/G) = Your Gender
Just incase you didn't know. ;)
Chapter 1: Luigi Shows Off At A
Dance Party For His Daughter Louise.
You saw that it was a normal day and then you saw little Louise who came running to Luigi with an invitation to a Daddy Daughter Dance Party that Louise really wanted Luigi to come with her to...
Louise: Pwease Come wif me daddy...
Luigi: Oh alright. I'll come. You sure you want your pregnant daddy to come with you?
Louise: yes!
Luigi: okay.....
Louise: *giggles toddling over and placing her small hands on Luigi's large belly* And you silly babies will be good fow daddy so  he can dance wif me.
Luigi: *blushes and smiles then starts laughing*
Louise: *giggles putting her arms up to Luigi for him to pick her up*
Luigi: *picks her up* Letsa get dressed for the party.
Louise: Otay!
Luigi: *carries her to her room her picking her f
:iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 6
Uh.... this ish weird... 0-0 by Luigifan1558 Uh.... this ish weird... 0-0 :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 12 Luigi Socks!!!! by Luigifan1558 Luigi Socks!!!! :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 1 7
Mature content
Mpreg Luigi's Torture by Mr. M :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 11
The Mario Bros. and The Survivor
The Mario Bros. and The Survivor
Chapter 1
Mario and Luigi were walking through a recently destroyed mushroom village when suddenly...
Luigi: Wait Mario? Do you hear that? It sounds like a baby crying? *he wanders over towards a collapsed house the crying becoming louder*
Mario: No I don't Luigi. I think you're hearing things. Nobody survived this.
Luigi: *pushes the roof over and finds a little human baby* Oh? No one survived? Then whose this a ghost? *he picks up the small baby boy who stops crying the moment he is in Luigi's arms clinging tightly to him *
Mario: Mama Mia! How'd he survive this?!?!
Luigi: I don't know but his whole village, his whole family.... Is gone... *he cradles the little baby* He seems to be so attached to me. I wonder if I remind him of his daddy, or if I just seem really comforting to him.
Mario: I don't know but I think we both know what you should do. Put him up for ad-
Luigi: I should adopt him!
Mario: NO! Put him up for adoption you can't care for a newb
:iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 4
Tiny nail by Luigifan1558 Tiny nail :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 0
Mature content
Sam's mpreg story :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 0
Luigi and The Abandoned Baby
Luigi and the Abandoned Baby
Chapter 2:
Louie: *keeps suckling drinking the warm milk*
Luigi: Wow you were a hungry baby weren't you. *he smiles at the little infant*
Mario: Wow Weegi you're really good with babies...
Luigi: Yep! Guess Imma just lucky that way! ^^
Louie: *finishes the bottle yawning and snuggles back in that same spot*
Luigi: *smiles* He really loves that soft spot.
Louie: *falls asleep*
Mario: Looks like it.
Luigi: *smiles reclining carefully in a recliner chair and falls asleep Louie still safely on his chest *
Mario: Imma gonna laugh so hard if Bowser attacks while Luigi's got that baby. I have the feeling that Luigi's gonna change by a spell from Kamek in our next battle. XD
Luigi: *sleeps*
Louie: *sleeps feeling absolutely safe with Luigi*
Suddenly... Bowser comes with Kamek!!!
Mario: *he laughs * Called it!
Luigi: *wakes up immediately going super protective of the baby*
Kamek: *casts a spell that was meant to kill Mario*
Luigi: *jumps in front getting hit in the
:iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 1 6
Luigi and the abandoned baby
Luigi and The Abandoned Baby
Chapter 1:
Luigi: *he is walking down the street like he usually does on his way to the store when he hears soft cooing from in an alleyway* ??? Hm wonder whatsa that. *he walks into the alley and sees a small box with a blanket he looks closer seeing a newborn baby only about 3 days old*
Baby: *coos at him raising his little arms up towards him*
Luigi: Aw... Come here little guy... Who would have left you here. He picks up the adorable infant holding the blanket around his little body*
Baby: *snuggles into Luigi's chest the soft spot where you can hear the heartbeat well and the baby falls asleep*
Luigi: Aw... Looks like I gotta pick up some baby supplies while Imma at the store. *he walks into the store*
Lady: Well hi Luigi. *she sees the baby* Where'd the little guy come from?
Luigi: Hiya. This little guy I found in an alley in a box.
Lady: *gasps* poor baby! Do you want me to take care of him?
Luigi: No I got him. Plus I think he had already gotten atta
:iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 3
Death on Deck!! by Luigifan1558 Death on Deck!! :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 1 4
Luigi and Mr.L Different People Story! MPREG!!!
Luigi and Mr. L different people story! MPREG!!
Shippings: Erin (Me) X Luigi, Lucy X Mr. L
Chapter 1: Finding the Babies!
 *Luigi, Erin, Mr.L, and Lucy we were all on a walk a couple years after a horrible car accident that me and Lucy were in causing us to lose the ability to become pregnant*
 Luigi: Hm what's that? *he picks up a glowing green orb which changes into two black spheres and two green spheres* ?
 L: They look like Candy. *he takes the black ones and swallows them*
 Luigi: *swallows the green ones*
 L: *the two spheres travel to his lower abdomen and settle transforming into two little babies, a girl and a boy, his stomach swelling to make room for the two new arrivals* What in the...
Luigi: *his two spheres travel to his lower abdomen and settle transforming into two little baby boys, his stomach swelling to make room for his two new arrivals * ;-; L I think we're pregnant.
Mr. L: What!?!?!
Lucy: *giggles* must be the Emperor and the Empress gran
:iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 2 1
Can you guess who I am? by Luigifan1558 Can you guess who I am? :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 0 20
Mature content
Jensen's adventure (Mpreg) :iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 2 12
Luigi's Special Mission! (Mpreg!)
   Luigi's Special Mission
 Disclaimer: I dont own Lilac :iconPikminfan2016: Does I am using her with their permission. Her description info stuff is in the description for the story!
   Chapter 3
 Luigi: *is still up in his room crying when Lilac and Waluigi come and knock on the door*
 Luigi: *comes down and opens the door* Lilac? Waluigi? What are you doing here?
 Lilac: We came to help you of course!
 Waluigi: We heard how mean Mario was being so we rushed right over!
 Luigi: *blushes* aw shucks thanks guys...
 Waluigi and Lilac: It's no problem! *they both hug him*
 Luigi: *hugs back happy tears welling up in his eyes*
 Lilac: *hands him two different baby clothes one for the baby girl and one for the baby boy *
 Luigi: *blushes* aw... Shucks... Thanks.
 Lilac: You're welcome!
 Luigi: *his belly is moving wildly*
 Waluigi: *gently rubs Luigi's stomach*
 Luigi: *his belly slowly stops moving*
:iconluigifan1558:Luigifan1558 2 4


Smashing Thanksgiving (2014) by SaccharoKirby Smashing Thanksgiving (2014) :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 660 122 Smash Bros. Graphing Calculator Drawings by AmazingArtistYellow Smash Bros. Graphing Calculator Drawings :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,294 242 BLACK BUTLER MOTIVATOR by RayneWolfspeaker BLACK BUTLER MOTIVATOR :iconraynewolfspeaker:RayneWolfspeaker 4,165 524 C: I created this beautiful OC for Erin by MissMithiin C: I created this beautiful OC for Erin :iconmissmithiin:MissMithiin 26 22
Bathtimes and Movie Nights
Mario sighed as he drove along the highways. He still couldn’t believe Luigi was just seven days old now. Newborn age,which meant Luigi was technically just born. How was he going to take care of a seven day old baby? He stopped at a traffic light,and looked behind him to see how the baby was doing.
Sure enough, little Luigi was sleeping peacefully,suckling on his pacifier. He’d been fed earlier,so it wouldn’t be long until he needed a new diaper. Anyway it would be quiet until the newborn woke up,crying or content. Mario returned to the wheel and continued driving.
He’d made it home around 4:00,just when tiny Luigi woke up. He stretched,his tiny arms and legs moving around,making cute newborn sounds as he awoke.
“Hey there,sleepy..” Mario cooed,unbuckling the newborn’s car seat as Luigi stared at him,his baby eyes wide open. “Did you have a nice nap?” He picked up the diaper bag and carried everything inside. He set the car seat do
:iconcatimakittykat:CatImAKittyKat 5 30
Easter and a confession
Yep,tomorrow  is upon us..and I just have to say something.
Yes,another confession.
This time about something REALLY  personal,i..I will just say this now.
you heard right,atheist  I don't believe in god.
Now a lot of you are probably  of Christian  faith and I respect  you everyday for that.
You who hang on to that faith.
But,I lost that..lost it because both my birth family and adopted family FORCED  THE WORDS OF  GOD DOWN MY FUCKING THROAT!!
You may ask"doom,if you don't  believe  in god  then why do you celebrate easter at all?"
Well,here's another   thing that I need  to tell ya.
When I started out,I was what people would  call a loner.I didn't get along or even try to get along with others.Hell,I thought humans were nothing more then an annoyance  and a waste of flesh..I never loved anybody.
Until I found my mate,Nani salazar.
Heh,I have to admit i.was.terrified.I was basically  
:iconspookydoom2:SpookyDoom2 2 156
Sibling Rivalry
*On a crazy rainy night in Mario's house, Luigi had just put Tony and his siblings to sleep in their crib, he sighs softly as he leaves the room, but leaves the door a bit open. The younger brother went downstairs and lies down on the couch, hoping he can relax*
(L means Luigi & M means Mario)
L: *relaxes*
M: bro can you scoot over? I wanna sit down too.
L: can't....i'm relaxing..
M: LUIGI >_> get. up. now
L: nooo..
*Soon they gave each other death starrs and start to fight*
*Luigi's blue crystal eyes widened as if an arrow struck into his heart and crushed it, Mario looked at him with shocking look on his face from what he said to his own brother, tears streamed down from the younger brother's eyes*
M: Luigi... i-i'm so sorry- *he was about to touch his shoulder, but Luigi backed away as more tears came down from his eyes*
L: d-d-don't touch me... *he runs out of the
:iconsupermariogirl45:Supermariogirl45 7 22
Mario, What Happened?! by Maruigi2015 Mario, What Happened?! :iconmaruigi2015:Maruigi2015 26 5
9/11 today :(
Let us never forget the day :(
:iconnaturefan18:Naturefan18 2 25
Luigi by Lenore103 Luigi :iconlenore103:Lenore103 694 74 Brotherly Protection - Color by Maruigi2015 Brotherly Protection - Color :iconmaruigi2015:Maruigi2015 32 4 when stress comes.... 2 by themariobrosgirl3 when stress comes.... 2 :iconthemariobrosgirl3:themariobrosgirl3 3 5 when stress comes.... by themariobrosgirl3 when stress comes.... :iconthemariobrosgirl3:themariobrosgirl3 4 5 Raging Blood fire by BaconBloodFire Raging Blood fire :iconbaconbloodfire:BaconBloodFire 48 38 sans!!!  by themariobrosgirl3 sans!!! :iconthemariobrosgirl3:themariobrosgirl3 5 8 gaster (evil) and sans (good) by themariobrosgirl3 gaster (evil) and sans (good) :iconthemariobrosgirl3:themariobrosgirl3 3 11



Hey guys I'm happy for one of the first times in a long time. ^^
30 deviations
Luigi Fighting Bowser By Himself
He has a broken arm (the one closest to his chest) and a black eye.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Well today started off great but has gradually gotten worse, and worse.

First thing that had things turn for the worse is that I started my girls time of month which is making alot of the rest of my week more complicated.  

Second I am still congested and for some reason could not add 4 and 3 in my head.

Third I have dress rehearsals today which also makes today worse for starting that because my dress is a light lavender type color.

Fourth the girls in my group 11-18 (but nobody is 18)  some are good but others. AUGH! They are so annoying ...


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I am 15. Had tried to commit suicide earlier this year except that I found Luigi. He has helped me alot. I have saved 3 lives. ( my little bros. My little sisters and my best friends many times.



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